created to create
more self-love

’Portraits Of Women’

All scarfs are drawn and painted by hand on 100 % silk.

FEMME AND FAB is a contemporary colorful universe full of humor, selfcare and quirkiness.

We create unique enamel jewelry and hand painted silk scarfs and pins with illustrations of women in Copenhagen. 

‘Daisies’ is inspired by the flower emojis women use to hide the nipples on Instagram.

Instagrams policy is to delete and censor images showing female nipples. The collection ‘Daisies ‘celebrate the women, who still dare to post themselves and images of their natural bodies on social media.

SMALL BODIES celebrates women of all color, shape and sizes in a unique, elegant enamel pendant collection.

The pendant comes with a unique body empowering story to inspire the wearer.

The pin collection is a vision of helping girls and young women change their attitude towards having to have ‘the perfect body’. 

FEMME AND FAB supports - a Danish Non-profit organisation working with helping girl and young women in the age between 12- 24 years old -  by donating 10 kroner for each pin sold.